Sarah Dewhirst | 03/12/17

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Pastor Dave Akerman: The Holy Spirit Is No Optional Extra (Acts 19:1-7) | 8/10/17

Dave preached about the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Christian.

Pastor Dave Akerman: Great Expectations | 10/12/17

In living the Christian life it is not just the experiences we go through but what we expect to go through that is often most critical to how we grow.

Four: Eleven

In the book of Ephesians, the fourth chapter, and beginning at the eleventh verse, Paul talks about how Jesus’ ministry was divided into five roles when He returned to heaven, the role of Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Teacher and Evangelist. And when the people who God raises up in every generation to fulfil these roles are operating in their role, we begin to see a glimpse of Jesus’ ministry in action. But their potential and God’s purpose for these ministries are never reached unless the people in these roles equip people in local churches to do the same, so that their knowledge and gifting replicated in the wider church. Therefore, five times a year, we bring among us someone who is known to operate in each respective role to come and speak to our people, so that at LifeChurch we will see the apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, pastoral, and teaching ministry of Jesus released and matured among us.